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Mechanics Engineer



Mechanics Engineer
27/03/2021 - 02:03:30 PM | 306
We are JFE Shoji Steel Vietnam Co., Ltd 100% capital of Japan, a member of JFE Corporation. Processing all kinds of steel and non-ferrous metal products for internal and external customers. Import material from abroad with many kinds of steel: Cold rolled, hot rolled, electroplating, inox, ...with many kinds of thickness. Our working environment is friendly and professional. We believe that you will have more opportunities to promote your career.


1. Function:

  • Support for the relevant department (Purchasing department, Planning department, Safety & Environment department, Maintenance division, Safety, Production department) about technical.
  • Implement new project (Building, new product, improvement project).
  • Standardization for production engineering.

2. Responsibility:

  • Support relevant department for the causes and measures of internal nonconformity and complaints, claims.
  • Support QMS. (Understand manuals, regulations, standards and make them run).
  • Support plan and conduct facility improvement, standardization, education.
  • Support J1 activity for relevant department about engineering (design jig, tools…)
  • Analyze factors that are unattainable to achieve the annual plan and propose the next year's plan to the boss.
  • Support Safety for finding out unsafe behavior.
  • Plan and conduct facility improvement, standardization, education.
  • Support safety for KY activity.
  • The support maintenance department and production department create and propose a plan for regular maintenance.
  • Support the training document for new employee education and evaluate the situation.
  • Support for calculating the capacity for equipment and personnel plan is prepared and proposed to the boss.
  • Base on the understanding the daily productivity, DT achievement, yield, and propose the improvement idea.
  • Design layout for factory, make the route for production.
  • Support relevant department about the setting, installation, maintenance equipment such as label printer, measuring tools…
  • Support grinding slitting knife, big leveler machine knife, cutting core knife…


1. Mechanical structure knowledge

  • Understanding the mechanical structure.
  • Can force calculation, dimension, know about material…

2. Mechanical design experience

Design, calculation of force, structure.

Mechanical drawing knowledge (display drawing, dimension, processing part tolerance, assembly tolerance).

Mechanical drawing software (Autocad, Solid Works).

Have experienced the mechanical part having on the market.

Know the cost of part for design with suitable cost.

3. Mechanical skill

  • Hand grinding, cutting.
  • Drill, tap.
  • Arc welding.
  • Gas cutting, plasma cutting.
  • Lathe, the mill is advance.
  • Forklift driving in advance.
  • Crane operation in advance.

4. Relation others

  • English for reading the mechanical part catalog, machine user manual.
  • Read Misumi catalog and another catalog must be comprehended, using smoothly.
  • Hydraulic knowledge (pump source, cylinder, solenoid valve, hose, force calculation…).
  • Air Pneumatic knowledge (cylinder, solenoid valve, hose, force calculation…).
  • Understanding machine mechanical drawing.
  • Understanding hydraulic, pneumatic drawing.

5. Electric relation

  • Simple wiring such as Y/Delta 3 phase, 1 phase.
  • Checking voltage, checking resistance, checking circuit.
  • Wiring for Hydraulic, Pneumatic valve control.

6. Safety

  • Have safety about operation each hand equipment, know the dangerous point of mechanical structure, electric. Can safety his own and teach other members.
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